eDiets Review

Of all the major diet meal delivery companies to provide dieters with an easy and convenient way of losing weight through supplying all the low calorie meals they need to eat over a given period of time, eDiets comes out favorably for quality food. Their diet program comes with all meals prepared fresh in their own kitchens to order and then delivered to the customer's home.

The meals are shipped in cool bags so they are not frozen as with some diets, but are storable in a regular fridge. This means quality is about as high as it can get for this kind of dieting menu, as frozen meals, once thawed, never have the same great feel and texture to them. Here's how it works:

eDiets Meal Plans

The plans are really simple to follow, with a great selection of meals to choose from. You simply decide if you want to receive five days or seven days worth of meals for the week, whether you want the extra protein bars or not and then choose your meals from the menu. Once you have chosen your meals for the week, you place your order online and your meals are delivered a few days later.

The idea behind the five day plans is that you can stick to the diet through the week and have weekends off if you want to go out and dine in a restaurant or go visit family and not have to be bothered by taking your special, convenient dieting meals with you. If you want to keep it going right through the week, then choose the seven day plan.

How Easy is Losing Weight with eDiets?

It's about as easy as it gets. You simply take a meal when required out of its packaging, place it in a microwave for however long it says on the pack, then sit down to a great hot meal. You eat and lose weight, that's all!

There is no need to mess around with complicated calorie charts or measure out the right portion sizes as it is all done for you. This is really simple and the great thing about this diet food delivery program is that it really saves you time and effort. This is doubly important if you work long hours and don't have much free time to yourself. The last thing you want to be doing is spend some of that precious time on fiddling with a diet plan!

How Much Does eDiets Cost?

It costs less than you may think! While we can't realistically publish prices here, as they are subject to change and there are often special offers that will further affect prices, we recommend you visit the official eDiets website and check for he most up to the minute discount prices there. Suffice it to say that it can work out to be no more costly than what you would normally spend on your food for the whole week. Remember, this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a dessert.

All in all, you can lose weight for less with eDiets while enjoying the benefit of great tasting meals that are varied and top quality, which is worth spending your money on if you are serious about losing weight in just about the simplest and most convenient way there is.