Man Size Diet

For a man who is trying to get in shape, many mainstream diet programs simply don't provide everything he needs to lose fat but gain muscle density.

The majority of diets focus on calorie control to force the body to burn fat rather than providing more fuel to build muscle that will, in turn burn fat more naturally. This requires total nutrition including higher levels of protein-based foods while making sure all foods containing added sugar and sugar substitutes are eliminated.

Male Nutrition

man dietIt's not too difficult to come up with a meal plan based on total daily calorie intake and then package it all up in pretty boxes that you can take out and pop in the microwave. How easy!

That's great if a person is too busy to be bothered with the more labor intensive task or preparing and cooking food from scratch.

However, if a guy really wants to get in shape rather than just lose a few pounds of fat, he needs to combine exercise with a nutritious meal plan. It needs to be a healthy diet for men, one that provides all the fuel his muscles need to the extra workload he is going to put them through.

Never make the mistake of believing that you can build a great looking body just by eating a certain way!

Eating and Exercising

You can lose weight but you won't necessarily get the body shape you really want.

If you're happy to look thinner but walk on thin legs with a bit of a hunch, waving skinny arms around and trying to hold in that paunch that stubbornly will not go away, sure. Get on a diet and hope for the best.

But the idea behind the words, "getting in shape" brings up a picture of a healthy looking guy with slightly muscled arms and legs, a tight torso and an upright posture with head held high and shoulders back!

You only achieve that look by putting your body through its paces with exercise!

The kind of exercise you need to do is resistance-based to make your muscles work hard. When you workout with weights and resistance machines, you'll cause some minor muscle damage if you do it right.

When you sleep, your body will repair that muscle damage. While it's doing that, the muscles will gain mass. It's all part of a process that happens when you build muscle.

Bodybuilders know this only too well.

The point is, there's no easy way or short cut to a great looking body. It takes work and that work is going to be hard work if you really want to see the kind of results I think you do.

Eating to Grow

The other side of that coin is something that many dieters have some trouble getting their heads around. Eating to gain muscle mass means increasing the daily calorie count, not reducing it!

Shock horror!

It's true. You need to actually increase the amount of food mass you eat to build muscle, but it has to be the right kind of food.

A low carb diet is out. So is a high fat diet.

You need the right kind of diet which is a balance of protein, carbs and fats, roughly 40:30:30 in ratio to put in what your body needs.

That doesn't mean you get to load up on foods to avoid, like bread and pasta! They're bad carbs!

Good carbs come from fresh vegetables mostly. You're going to need to eat a lot of them to get all the nutrients your body needs to grow healthily.

You'll also need a lot of protein-based foods. If your vegetarian or vegan, it's a little tougher, but still doable. Without meat to provide the bulk of the proteins you need, you simply substitute high protein legumes (ie beans, lentils, chickpeas etc) plus add healthy nuts and seeds to the mix.

Walnuts, almonds and pecans are protein rich as well as being high in omega 3 fatty acids that the body needs. Chia seeds are protein-packed as are flax seeds. Spirulina is a seaweed-based protein source that is healthy and natural.

Fats should be healthy, coming from healthy monounsaturated fat sources such as olive and coconut oils, omega 3 fish oil or from nuts/seeds. Steer clear of heavy dairy-based fats or artery-clogging hydrogenated oils.

Natural is Best

Lastly, I want to make the point that whatever you eat, make it as natural and wholesome as possible, opting for organic produce where available and affordable.

If you eat meat, opt for beef from grass-fed cows and not the junk-fed intensively farmed cattle that are so full of badness it's any wonder people live through each meal!

Organically grown vegetables and fruits are low in pesticides and other farming chemicals while in many cases actually being higher in nutrients than their intensively, chemical-farmed counterparts. Plus they taste better, no matter what anyone else tries to make you believe!

The body relies on natural food for its fuel. It can't handle too much artificial junk and when you feed it too much of it, you overload the system and it starts breaking down.

When a body is not in a good place digestively, it gets out of shape and gains fat. Learn all you can about nutrition and how if affects the body both positively and negatively and eat accordingly.

PS: Don't forget to keep drinking lots of water. You need to stay properly hydrated especially if working out more than the average guy does. Now stop reading, get up off your behind and get working!