Metabolism and Weight Loss

If there is one prime aspect that affects whether you will lose weight or not when you take any action to achieve that goal, that is the state of your metabolism. It is the root of all effects within your body and will dictate whether you stay thin or get fat. Here's why:

metabolismYou can exercise until you're blue in the face, diet until you would kill for a cream cake or a packet of potato chips, but in the end the reason you lose weight or not is that your metabolism is working sufficiently well to force your body to burn fat. That's the long and the short of it.

The Right Information on Dieting

In other articles published at this site we have provided many good and worthwhile tips for dieting and reducing the physical size of your body to help you to achieve what you set out to do. But they have to comply with the way your body works in order to boost your metabolism so that your body is burning more calories than you are consuming.

But even more than that, you must be in a state where your body is forced to take from its fat store and convert some of that fat back into burnable sugars (glucose). The only way it is going to do that is when you force it to by getting your muscles to demand more glucose for energy than you have available in your bloodstream. There are two ways to do that.

Diet is So Important

Your diet will dictate how efficient your metabolism is. Eat too much of the foods that are loaded with high GI carbs or refined sugars and you will slow your metabolism down. It will not be able to use up all the sugars you are putting into your body and so it will store the excess as fat.

You get fatter and heavier. Period. You must eat a predominance of proteins, low GI carbs and plenty of dietary fiber.

Instead of sugary soda or juices, drink plain water. Do this and you will boost your metabolism so that it can burn more of the sugars that you are consuming and it will not be able to store any away because your body will demand more. This works!

Exercise Forces Muscles to Work

Get active and do some exercise daily. The more the better as a general rule of thumb, although some exercises are better than others at forcing your muscles to work hard enough for long enough to have used up all the available glucose in your bloodstream.

Then to keep working, your body must provide more energy and it will get it from its store of fat. It has no other choice as long as you are not giving it any other source of glucose, which is the desired result.

Combine the Two

If you want to make sure of losing weight, you must combine a healthy diet with plenty of daily exercise. This double dose of metabolism boosting activity will force your body to burn up all its store of excess fat over time while toning up the areas that have become flabby.

In short, this is the surest and most sensible way to not only a reduction in weight, but a healthy, great looking body too!

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