South Beach Diet Reviewed

Of the many commercially available diet plans out there, the South Beach Diet is a highly popular option for many people who are intent on losing weight through restricting the food they eat in a controlled and regulated way. Using this diet is a good way to do this because it works on removing certain types of food initially and then re-introducing them gradually later on in the program.

This dieting program works on the basis of three distinct sections, or phases and they are each important for the long term weight lost by the dieter. This is how it works:

The Three Phases of the South Beach Diet

Once you have set your dieting goals this is an excellent way of achieving them. The reason this program is divided into three separate phases is to take advantage of the body's digestive and metabolic systems and the way in which the body stores and uses its store of fats.

The South Beach Diet Phase 1

This is the first phase and also described by many of its users as the toughest to get through. That is because it is the most restrictive on what the person can eat. Luckily, it only lasts for two intensive weeks!

Many of the things that we all like to eat are off the menu in this phase and for very good reasons. It basically removes all carbohydrates from the diet, which forces the body to get its energy from other sources, such as fats, which are still included in this part of the diet plan. That means lean meats and dairy produce are still allowed and encouraged.

By eating foods containing fats, especially unsaturated fats but also some saturated fats are allowed in moderation, the body is forced to change from getting its energy from its regular source which was the now omitted carbohydrates, to getting it from fats which it can do just as well. It teaches the body that to make up any shortfall from the foods ingested that it can take its energy from the body's store of fats as well.

This starts the process whereby the body learns to process its fat store into energy and thereby reduce that fat store, resulting in weight loss.

The South Beach Diet Phase 2

The next phase relaxes the restriction on the foods that can be eaten and re-introduces some carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables which the body does need for a balanced source of nutrition. It lasts for three months and in that time, the body will continue getting some of its energy from its store of fat as well as from the foods ingested.

Regular exercise is encouraged in this phase to help the body burn more fats by raising its metabolic rate and making is use more calories. Exercise is an excellent way to do this as well as to help build up muscle strength, which in turn causes even more fat to be used up in the energy burning process.

The South Beach Diet Phase 3

The final phase is ongoing. This is really the dieter committing to eating smaller portions of foods and keeping some of the known bad foods off the menu while continuing to exercise regularly and basically to lead a healthier lifestyle. The aim of the third phase is to keep off the weight that has been lost during the previous two phases and the plan offers on-going support for its members who have made it through to this part of the plan.

By sticking closely to the three phases of this convenient dieting plan, the dieter can expect not only to lose weight successfully, but more importantly to keep it off in the long term. This should really be the goal of every dieter because once your body has resumed its natural, healthy weight it is natural to want to keep it that way.