Relax and Lose Weight

Sometimes it takes a bit of thinking outside the box to come up with a great idea for losing weight. More often than not, there are plenty of them just waiting to be "discovered" because they're staring you in the face!

relax to lose weightOne such idea that is really simple yet such a powerful tip makes use of weight loss hypnosis techniques. When you come to make use of it, you'll see that it is something as simple as relaxing!


Why would you want to relax if it has already been shown that sitting around and doing little activity actually causes weight gain because your metabolism slows down? Well, the idea behind this is to reduce the stress your body is under.

You may not realize it, but there are plenty of things that happen throughout the day that will cause your stress levels to elevate to the point where they actually cause weight gain. How does this happen?

How Stress Affects Your Body

Stress causes the body's digestive system to slow down and take a back seat so that you can focus on what is producing this situation. If you don't have a definite cause to tackle, then the anxiety remains, your levels of adrenalin remain high and your digestive system works at low efficiency.

That means that it is processing the food you have eaten in such a way that more of it gets stored as fat. Ergo, you have the reason why stress and weight gain go hand in hand.

Of course, if you can deal with the stress head on, then it is not a problem and you can get on with your weight loss efforts. In our caveman days, this meant making use of all that adrenalin to either initiate fight or flight.

That is, if we are under attack by a man eating tiger, or a marauding warrior from another tribe, we can choose to fight it out or sun for our lives. Either way, the adrenalin will give us the extra impetus to do either.

Flood of Adrenalin

Modern man has no such immediate outlet for that adrenalin and stress, unless he is going in the ring with another boxer or is going to fight it out with whoever is about to fight with him (or her).

What more often happens is the boss will be giving you a hard time and it will be causing you stress because your fight or flight response has been activated. When this happens, your senses are on red alert.

What you have to do is say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir, and swallow it. What your body wants you to do is either punch his lights out or run away as fast as you can!

When you're at home, you can reduce stress by relaxing and this is one of the basic slimming facts that you can put to good use. Exercise deep breathing techniques in a quiet place or learn some yoga.

It will help you beat the cause of the problem and allow your digestive system to be more efficient and store less fat. After all, this is the result you are looking for, is it not?